Surveillance cameras capture destruction of bank by Mayfield tornado

An outbreak of tornadoes killed more than 80 people and destroyed more than 1,000 homes.

MAYFIELD, Ky. – The moments a devastating tornado rolled through a community in western Kentucky were caught on camera, leaving a bank in shambles and lives changed forever.

The FNB Bank released the surveillance a week after the EF-4 tornado created a path of destruction through the heart of Mayfield, Kentucky.

The video shows the bank's headquarters was decorated for the holiday season, with Christmas trees and wreaths creating a merry atmosphere, but at 8:29 p.m. CDT on Friday, December 10, the joy of the season turned nothing short disastrous.

From the time the lights went out in the bank to the destruction of the exterior doors and windows was only three seconds.

Surveillance video captured the moments the bank’s entrance disintegrated, and debris became projectiles destroying nearly everything in sight.


Because of the timing of the severe weather, no one was inside when the devastation took place.

Brook Wiles, a representative of FNB Bank, said the company decided to release the video not to become a viral sensation but for it to become a learning lesson on the destruction tornadoes can create.

"People need to see how destructive and how quickly it destroyed our town," Wiles told FOX Weather’s Katie Byrne.

Wiles said the bank’s vault survived the tornado, and none of their customers’ personal information was compromised.

FNB Bank says all of their other branches in the Bluegrass State are operational, and the company has set up a temporary location in Mayfield to help with customer needs.