Another day of above-average temperatures expected from Florida to the Northeast

Temperatures return to normal by Tuesday

Dozens of record-high temperatures could be broken from Florida into the Northeast on Monday.

Areas from the Southeast to the mid-Atlantic will remain unseasonably warm to start the workweek, with many areas seeing temperatures in the 70s and 80s.

Temperatures will be in the 80s across Florida on Monday, with Fort Myers getting to around 85 degrees and Orlando reaching 88 degrees.

Heading north, Savannah, Georgia, is also expected to get into the 80s while it will be a few degrees cooler in Greenville, South Carolina.

Heading into the mid-Atlantic, Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., are expected to be around 80 degrees on Monday.

Wilmington, Delaware, is forecast to get to around 77 degrees.

And while the Northeast won't be as warm in the Northeast, temperatures will also be above-average.

New York City is forecast to get to around 72 degrees, while Boston is only expected to reach 55 degrees.

Record-high temperatures could be broken from Florida north into Georgia and the Carolinas as many areas will have temperatures above 80 degrees during the day.

On Monday, records could also be broken further north into the mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

Richmond and Baltimore will be around 80 degrees, which would break their old records.

Millions of Americans who have been enjoying the warmer temperatures over the past few days will be in for a shock when temperatures return to normal by Tuesday.

Some areas of the East Coast will see temperatures 20-30 degrees above average Monday, but as colder air returns from the west, temperatures will be around normal or slightly below average.