Severe storms threaten from Tennessee through Louisiana Wednesday as cold front blasts through region

Fueled by a cold front, some of the storms along and ahead of the front will be strong on Wednesday, according to the FOX Forecast Center.

Showers and thunderstorms from Michigan down to Texas are marching across the country on Wednesday, eventually making its way to the East Coast by the weekend.

Fueled by a cold front, some of the storms along and ahead of the front will be strong later on Wednesday, according to the FOX Forecast Center. The primary threat will be isolated wind damage, while some more intense storms may produce large hail

Some cities under threat today include Memphis, Tennessee, and Greenville, Mississippi. 

Severe weather threat. Wed. Sept. 6, 2023.
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The severe threat will last into the evening as the front moves eastward into the lower Ohio Valley.

Where are the storms now?

A three-hour radar loop showing where showers and thunderstorms are ongoing. Severe Thunderstorm Warnings are indicated in yellow. Tornado Warnings are indicated in red, while Tornado Warnings with a confirmed tornado are indicated in purple. Flash Flood Warnings are indicated in green, while Flash Flood Emergencies are indicated in pink.
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A Severe Thunderstorm Watch was issued for parts of Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana until 11 p.m. CT.

A look at the Severe Thunderstorm Watches that are currently in effect.
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Heavy downpours from severe storms are already being seen in parts of Arkansas and Tennessee.


Storms to provide heat relief for the Northeast

Starting on Thursday, the line of storms will continue into the Ohio River Valley. Heading into the weekend, it will slide along the East Coast, where most of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states will see multiple days of showers and thunderstorms. This will bring some relief from the heat.

Severe weather threat. Thurs. Sept. 7, 2023.
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These storms will bring much-needed relief from the heat for many Americans. 

As it sweeps across the nation, the front will extend down to the Gulf Coast and bring beneficial rain to the South. The FOX Forecast Center said the front is expected to stall, allowing showers and thunderstorms to break out across Texas and Louisiana, where rain is desperately needed.