Rain, rain go away: First weekend of March looks soggy along East Coast

Dry air is expected to push into the region on Sunday, bringing an end to the soggy weather.

The FOX Forecast Center is tracking the start of a wet weekend along the East Coast as the jet stream and plenty of available moisture allow for an inch or two of rainfall along the Interstate 95 corridor.

The soggy weekend is being caused by a low-pressure system from the South, which will produce periods of light to moderate rain throughout the mid-Atlantic and Northeast, according to the FOX Forecast Center.  

The widest expanse of rain is expected Saturday when everyone from Boston to New York and into the Southeast will see precipitation.

How much rain to expect on Saturday, Sunday

"We’re not tracking any severe weather with this; it is just going to be that nuisance rain," said FOX Weather meteorologist Haley Meier. "You don’t want to have rain (upending) any of your outdoor plans. But unfortunately, if you do have plans outside on Saturday, you probably want to have at least an umbrella handy."


Any thunderstorms that develop are expected to remain below severe criteria but will be capable of producing lightning and gusty winds.

Forecast models showed that communities from New York City to the Carolinas will max out at an inch or less.

Forecast rainfall
(FOX Weather)


Despite the rain, temperatures are expected to rise into the 50s and 60s, with those across western New York, Pennsylvania and around the Great Lakes enjoying temperatures in the 70s, according to the FOX Forecast Center.

How the rain, warm weather will impact pollen season

The chance of widespread rainfall will likely be welcome news across the South as it will temporarily relieve high pollen levels and help abate growing drought conditions.


A warm winter has caused trees and other vegetation to start the leaf-out process early, leading to medium and high pollen levels across a vast stretch of the region.

While the rainfall will not halt the pollen season, it will help reduce levels through at least the weekend.

Pollen levels
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"The good news to this is by Sunday, a lot of that rain has dissipated and already pushed off of the East coast," Meier said. "So, the weekend is not a total loss."

The storm system and associated frontal boundary will not help to usher in a cold air mass, as temperatures, after the rain and clouds depart, will be well above normal.

Forecast models show another storm system will push into the East Coast during the mid-workweek time period, but the exact timing and expanse of rain will likely need to be fine-tuned before a definitive forecast is released.