NWS: At least 17 tornadoes confirmed in Oklahoma since Sunday

No major injuries or deaths were reported as a result of the storms

NORMAN, Okla. - It’s been a busy few days for forecasters at the National Weather Service in Norman, Oklahoma.

At least 17 tornadoes have been confirmed since Sunday, and the office will continue to investigate damage reports in the area.

Here’s where tornadoes have been confirmed so far:

Oct. 10:

  • South of Coopertown (Kiowa County)
  • Near Saddle Mountain (Kiowa County)
  • South of Carnegie (Kiowa/Caddo counties)
  • Anadarko (Caddo County)
  • South of Verden (Caddo or Grady counties)
  • North of Harrah (Oklahoma County)
  • Near Warwick (Lincoln County)
  • Near Dale (Pottawatomie County)
  • Near Johnson (Pottawatomie County)
  • West of Ada to the east of Byng (Pontotoc County)

Oct. 12:

  • West of Frederick (Tillman County)
  • East of Snyder (Tillman/Kiowa/Comanche counties)
  • Northwest of Apache (Caddo County)
  • Clinton airport – east of Arapaho (Custer County)

Oct. 13:

  • Southwest Oklahoma City/Mustang (Canadian County)
  • Central Oklahoma City (Oklahoma County)
  • Northeast Oklahoma City (Oklahoma County)

The National Weather Service said that while many tornadoes need to be investigated further to determine their rating on the Enhanced Fujita Scale, a majority of the twisters were rated between EF0 and EF1.

Severe storms have been pounding the Central and Southern Plains since Sunday.

Two tornadoes on Tuesday downed power lines and caused damage at the Clinton Regional Airport, where several hangars were heavily damaged.

On Sunday evening, damage was reported to several homes, buildings and vehicles when the storms rolled through. 

One school outside Tulsa was also heavily damaged. Air conditioners were ripped from the building, windows were blown out and a fence was knocked over.

Luckily, no major injuries or deaths were reported during any of the tornadoes or severe thunderstorms.