Northeast faces wet night as coastal low, cold front meet

Showers and storms are also likely along southern reaches of the cold front with severe weather possible across the Deep South.

A pesky coastal low moving north and a cold front approaching from the west will make for a wet Saturday across much of the Northeast, while severe weather is possible on the southern end of the front.

The low-pressure system is the same one that caused significant flooding in the Wilmington, North Carolina, area on Friday, while the front is the same one that kicked off hail-producing thunderstorms Friday evening across Texas.

Soggy Saturday for Northeast

Rain arrived in the Northeast U.S. early Saturday morning courtesy of a low-pressure system that has been hugging the East Coast during the latter half of the week.

A three-hour loop of the radar in the Northeast.
(FOX Weather)


Forecast models show heavy rain spreading farther inland across Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire into Saturday evening as the low moves ashore. The National Weather Service office in NYC issued a Flood Watch until midnight for the area over concerns of urban flooding as rainfall rates increase through the day. A few Flood Advisories were issued for the area Saturday afternoon.

Windy weather is also likely nearer the coast Saturday night, with winds gusting to as high as 30 mph in NYC and up to 60 mph in Portland, Maine.

Forecast wind gusts in the Northeast on May 20, 2023.
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"We have that low that’s going to continue to drive up the coastline," said FOX Weather meteorologist Kiyana Lewis. "That’s what’s going to be producing the heavy rain, but along with that the rough surf and the gusty winds."

By Saturday night, a cold front moving in from the west will meet up with the low and enhance rainfall across interior parts of the Northeast and New England. Heavy rain and gusty winds will likely cover much of Maine before everything moves out to sea by late Sunday morning.

The rainfall forecast for the Northeast as of May 20, 2023.
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Stormy along cold front in South

On the southern end of the cold front, heavy rain and some severe storms are possible across the South. The highest risk for both of these is across the Deep South – Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia.

Rain and a few thunderstorms will linger along the Southeast coast and Florida through Sunday.

The severe weather outlook for May 20, 2023.
(FOX Weather)