Winter Storm Warnings posted for parts of Northeast as storm brings wintry mix of snow, rain to I-95 corridor

On Sunday, low pressure will slide northeastward toward the mid-Atlantic and Northeast, producing widespread rain with temperatures in the 40s. If that low can pull in enough cold air from Canada, the rain will change over to snow Sunday night across parts of the Northeast and New England.

A coastal storm is set to deliver another sloppy mix of rain and snow to the Northeast this weekend, with heavier snow possible in some interior locations, prompting Winter Storm Watches and Warnings.

"Don't put that coat away just yet," FOX Weather Meteorologist Kiyana Lewis said.

The storm system is beginning in the South, where severe storms triggered a Tornado Watch on Saturday, the FOX Forecast Center said. During the second half of the weekend, the low pressure will slide northeastward toward the mid-Atlantic and Northeast, initially producing widespread rain with temperatures in the 40s. 

As the rain encounters colder air trying to sneak in from the north, we'll start to see a changeover to snow, the FOX Forecast Center said. But, it'll be a battle. That cold air won't be particularly robust, so the snow may have difficulty accumulating along the coastlines south of Massachusetts.


At this point, the FOX Forecast Center is expecting a slushy mix of rain and snow right along I-95, so this will be another snow miss for New York City.

But that's not the case away from the Atlantic, as colder air will hang over the interior, bringing more snow versus rain as you go farther west and north across Pennsylvania, upstate New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts into New England.

A look at the snow potential from Saturday through Monday.
(FOX Weather)


In fact, Winter weather alerts are in effect for parts of Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Pennsylvania from Sunday morning into Monday morning for as much as 3-7 inches of heavy, wet snow in the watch areas – the highest amounts in the elevated areas with isolated areas up to 10 inches in the highest elevations. Power outages are possible in the area due to the heavy nature of the expected snow.

Travel could be impacted on Sunday and Monday throughout those regions.

Winter Storm Alerts in the Northeast.
(FOX Weather)



Because this is a coastal storm, the FOX Forecast Center said we'll also have to deal with strong winds, which could cause various problems. 

Major airports in the Northeast will likely face delays and cancellations on Sunday into Monday due to the gusty winds, expected to top 50 mph in some spots. 

Those strong winds may also lead to beach erosion and coastal flooding as the water gets pushed toward the shoreline.

Calmer weather is in store for the Northeast for the rest of the week once this storm passes.