Tornado that killed 1, injured several in Alabama rated at least EF-2

A second twister touched down near the town of Cuba in Sumter County

SAWYERVILLE, Ala. – A tornado that touched down in Alabama on Thursday, killing one person and injuring several others, has been given a preliminary rating of EF-2.

At least one woman was killed and several people were injured after a large tornado touched down near Sawyerville in Hale County. The rating means the twister had winds of between 111 and 135 mph.

Emergency managers said Thursday that at least three people had critical injuries, and first responders were treating several other storm victims.

Drone video from Hale County, Alabama, showed several structures and homes had sustained significant damage.

Ryan Cartee, of Live Storms Media, said he saw a two-story home in Sawyerville that had been damaged by the storm.

"The top floor is partially gone," Cartee said. "I did see a mobile home that got thrown off its foundation … There were a couple other houses that had some extensive damage as well."

Significant tree damage was reported in the town of York.

The National Weather Service in Birmingham said a tornado also touched near the town of Cuba in Sumter County. That twister has been given a preliminary rating of EF-1.

The winter storm that helped produced the tornadoes was also responsible for creating a travel nightmare for millions of people with snow and ice falling from Texas to Maine.