Filing forecast: Tax Day weather across the country

Last-minute tax filers can file an extension or get help on the IRS website

If you waited to file your taxes, today is the day you need to do it.

The Internal Revenue Service is reminding Americans that today, April 18, is the deadline to file and pay taxes for most individual income tax returns.

Here's a look at the forecast for locations in the United States with money-themed names.



Washington, D.C.

It's going to be a raw, rainy day on Monday. Expect rain in the nation's capital on Monday, with temperatures around 48 degrees.

Taxahaw, South Carolina

It will be a little warmer in South Carolina, with temperatures in Texahaw reaching around 58 degrees with rain.

Cash, Arkansas

It will be partly cloudy on Monday, so you should be good to go if you need to head out to file your taxes in person. Expect a high temperature of around 62 degrees.

Home, Kansas

Expect cloudy conditions in Home, Kansas, with a temperature around 56 degrees.

Money Creek, Minnesota

It will be a cold 39 degrees in Money Creek on Monday. The cloudy skies will make it difficult to want to step outside.

Automobile Lake, New Mexico

It will be windy in the Southwest, with Automobile Lake reaching around 75 degrees. In addition to the wind, expect increasing clouds through the day.

Filer, Idaho

It will be mostly sunny in Filer, Idaho, on Monday, with a temperature around 72 degrees.