Multiple dogs die after flash flooding hits DC doggy daycare

Twenty dogs were rescued and all employees inside were rescued from District Dogs after a wall collapsed due to excessive flooding.

WASHINGTON – Officials say multiple dogs have died from flash flooding at a doggy daycare in Washington, D.C.

DC Fire and Rescue were called to Rhode Island Avenue after severe storms produced flash flooding. Six feet of water was said to have filled the area, where crews worked to pull those stuck inside their cars and businesses.

Fire Chief John Donnelly said that 20 dogs and all employees inside were rescued from District Dogs after a wall collapsed due to the excessive flooding.  While some are being assessed for injuries, he said no person or animal needed to be transported for additional care.

Chief Donnelly could not confirm the number of dogs killed, as the daycare is working to contact the families of those who lost their pets.

This incident comes after the same area flooded during heavy rain events. The same doggy daycare flooded last year, resulting in water entering the business.

A manager at District Dogs talked to FOX Weather last year, saying the flooding events continue to happen.

"It’s terrifying to know that when these events happen, there is little we can do," said Jillian Kuehn, a district manager at District Dogs.

And while city officials have pledged to take action, the changes can’t come soon enough. 

DC Water posted on X, the company formerly known as Twitter, Monday about the mounting frustration about the upcoming project that hopes to help with flooding. 

"The Northeast Boundary Tunnel is slated to open within the next 2 months. That will help mitigate the risk of flooding, but not eliminate it," DC Water said