The Daily Weather Update from FOX Weather: 'Ring of fire' solar eclipse only visible to select cities

Start your day with the latest weather news – A coast-to-coast storm continues to carve through the U.S., but will it limit the view to those looking to see the "ring of fire" solar eclipse?

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Will you see it? Solar eclipse just a day away

On Saturday, Oct. 14, the annular solar eclipse will be visible from the Northwest to Texas

An annular eclipse is not a total eclipse, as the Moon doesn’t entirely block the Sun’s light – only 90%. An annular eclipse happens when the Moon is at the farthest point in its orbit of Earth. During the maximum eclipse, known as annularity, the light from the Sun peaks out around the Moon, creating a "ring of fire."

The cloud cover forecast along the entire solar eclipse path from Oregon to Texas on Oct. 14, 2023.
(FOX Weather)


The highest obstruction values will be within a path of annularity that runs from the Pacific Northwest through the Lone Star State, but cities such as New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix and Los Angeles will all see a period where the Moon will block out part of the Sun.

Communities furthest away from the path of annularity will see the least Sun blockage, and those close to the path will see upwards of 90% obstruction. 

See how much of the solar eclipse will be visible in your city:

Severe storms possible in the Midwest

A storm system that continues to barrel across the U.S. will bring the threat of severe weather to parts of the Midwest on Friday. Thunderstorms in Iowa, Illinois and Missouri will be capable of producing damaging wind, along with small hail and an isolated chance for tornadoes and flash flooding.

The severe weather outlook for the central U.S. on Oct. 12, 2023.
(FOX Weather)


Storms will move into the Great Lakes and mid-Atlantic on Saturday bringing cloudy weather that may thwart even seeing the partial solar eclipse there. Cloud cover forecasts show overcast skies across the Ohio Valley, mid-Atlantic, Great Lakes and Northeast.

Hurricane HQ: Active Atlantic continues churning out storms

Sean continues to lose and regain strength as it moves through the Atlantic. 

Just behind Sean is Invest 94L, which has a medium chance of development over the next week. 

Neither Sean nor Invest 94L appears to be a threat to land at this time. 

The tropical weather outlook for the Atlantic Ocean.
(FOX Weather)


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