Christmas week blizzard tracker: Winter weather alerts, power outages, flight delays and cancellations

These maps from the FOX Forecast Center show the latest information on the Christmas week blizzard, including power outages, flight delays, current watches and warnings, snowfall totals and temperature extremes.

A Christmas week arctic blast continues to sweep across the U.S. bringing dangerous blizzard conditions, life-threatening cold and creating travel woes for millions before the holiday.

The maps below from the FOX Forecast Center show the latest information on the Christmas week blizzard's path across the U.S., including active weather alerts and travel delays as they unfold.


The FOX Forecast Center is also tracking power outages, which will be a major concern as ice and snow are a threat to the power grid, and millions will face dangerously cold temperatures through Christmas.

Where is the winter storm now?

After pounding the Midwest, the blizzard is forecast to become a bomb cyclone near the Great Lakes on Friday as snow and high winds also spread into the Northeast.

A three-hour radar loop showing where snow and/or rain is falling.
(FOX Weather)


What are the active winter weather alerts for your area?

Countrywide, the National Weather Service has issued weather alerts that run the gamut of winter weather, from Wind Chill and Blizzard Warnings to Freeze Warnings. 

Below is a look at the ongoing weather alerts impacting more than 300 million people. 

Active weather alerts.
(FOX Weather)


What are the most extreme temperatures and highest snowfall totals so far?

The system is forecast to drop temperatures to extremes, even to negative 60 degrees in parts of the northern Plains. 

Below are the latest winter weather extremes from the Christmas week blizzard. 

Top snow totals and lowest temperatures from the Christmas week storm.
(FOX Weather)


Where are travel delays happening now?

Millions of holiday travelers could be impacted by the winter weather. Here are the latest flight delays and cancellations from

Flight delays and cancellations from Flight Aware.
(FOX Weather)


What airports are seeing the greatest impacts?


How many people are without power?