Stunning video from Andover tornado could help further science of twisters

There were no reported fatalities from the EF-3 despite hundreds of homes and businesses being damaged

ANDOVER, Kan. – Security camera video from Andover City Hall captured stunning images of an EF-3 tornado that some meteorologists believe could help further the science of what’s behind some of the most destructive forces of Mother Nature.

Two cameras captured the tornado and the destruction it produced on Friday when it moved passed through the building’s parking lot but left the main structure intact.

Because of the video’s exquisite quality, the sudden movements of trees, flags and other small objects are all seen in detail.


Videos in such clear quality are rare, and after watching the video Storm Prediction Center meteorologist Chris Karstens posted on Twitter: "We still have so much to learn."

Karstensm detailed the movements of the twister through the several minute-long clips and said the variation of wind speeds with height is still poorly understood within the meteorological community because of a lack of observations.

Despite the tornado having winds of 155 mph and damaging hundreds of homes and businesses, there were no fatalities in the storm.

Kansas’ governor issued a State of Disaster Emergency immediately following the severe weather to help the community through clean-up and recovery.