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South Florida braces for potentially life-threatening flash flooding as storm nears

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Tropical Storm Warnings are in effect for the entire southern half of the Florida Peninsula and the Keys, but the highest threat of strong winds will be in areas exposed to onshore winds along the coast and in high-rise buildings.


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Updated forecast cone for tropical disturbance

The tropical disturbance is expected to cross the Florida Peninsula on Saturday.

Latest forecast: Click Here

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11 p.m. Advisory: Tropical disturbance is no better organized

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Isolated tornado threat to continue overnight

A threat of tornadoes and isolated flooding will continue overnight.

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VIDEO: Torrential downpours along I-75 in South Florida

Off and on rain is expected to continue through the evening in South Florida as the rain shield associated with Potential Tropical Cyclone One moves through.

Latest forecast: Click Here

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Rain to come to an end by Saturday evening

The heaviest rain associated with the tropical disturbance will be off the Florida East Coast by Saturday evening. Scattered storms will be possible into the workweek, but they won't produce the flooding downpours that the area saw from the tropical system.

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8 P.M. Tropics Update: No change in system's strength

The 8 p.m. update from the National Hurricane Center shows no major changes to the forecast for Potential Tropical Cyclone One.

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VIDEO: Brevard County monitoring the system

Officials in Brevard County are closely watching the radar for heavy rain.

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Track rainbands overnight on the FOX Weather 3D Radar

The FOX Weather 3D Radar is picking up tropical downpours throughout the Keys and South Florida. Meteorologists expect the wet weather to continue through the night.

Track the tropical system on the FOX Weather app.

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At least two people reported dead in Cuba

According to the office of the Cuban President, at least two people have died as a result of the tropical weather and a third is missing. Heavy rainfall across the island has increased the landslide threat.

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VIDEO: South Florida watching for storm surge

Coastal areas of South Florida could see a storm surge of up to 3 feet.

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Hurricane Hunters en route to investigate system

Hurricane Hunters are en route to the system that is about 300 miles off the coast of Southwest Florida. Throughout the day, the disturbance has not gotten better organized. Data from the plane will help the National Hurricane Center determine if the disturbance is getting better organized.

See inside a Hurricane Hunter plane: Click Here

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VIDEO ANALYSIS: Tropical disturbance not well organized

Latest forecast cone from the National Hurricane Center: Click Here

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Boaters: Time to get out of the water

The U.S. Coast Guard has elevated to port condition Whiskey, meaning sustained winds between 39-73 mph are possible within the next 72 hours.

"We encourage boaters to monitor the radio for safety broadcast information, secure all loose gear, and find the best course back to shelter if out in the water," the USGC Southeast tweeted.

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5 p.m. NHC Update: Tropical disturbance continues to move towards Florida

Read the latest forecast from the FOX Weather team: Click Here

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Tropical system will bring needed rain for parts of the Sunshine State

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VIDEO: Heavy rain falling across Miami Dade County

Off and on flooding has been reported in South Florida as bands of and on continue. Parts of Miami Dade County could see upwards of around half a foot of rain before the tropical system moves out of the Atlantic.

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Wind gusts top 40 mph along Florida's West Coast

The highest wind gust so far from the tropical disturbance was measured at 47 mph in the Tampa Bay region. Winds have also gusted to 40 mph in the Keys. Wind gusts in the 40s can knock small branches and lead to minor power outages.

Winds are expected to remain elevated thru at least Saturday: Latest Forecast

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Lightning from Potential Tropical Cyclone One seen from space

NOAA's GOES-16 satellite is following Potential Tropical Cyclone One using its suite of instruments, including a lightning mapper. See the lightning from the system below.

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Water-covered roads after high tide on Marco Island

FOX Weather Meteorologist Steve Bender is in Southwest Florida on Marco Island where roads are covered in water. Significant rainfall is expected through Sunday and Flood Watches are in place for all of South Florida.

Posted by Emilee Speck

Florida residents fill sand bags ahead of potential flooding

People fill sandbags as they prepare their homes for the expected arrival of a Tropical Storm on June 03, 2022 in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Posted by Scott Sistek
Developing Story

Latest on Potential Tropical Cyclone One that's eyeing Florida

Numerous instances of flooding are expected late Friday into Saturday as a tropical disturbance brings widespread heavy rain to South Florida.

The National Hurricane Center has designated it a Potential Tropical Cyclone which allows them to issue their full suite of products like watches, warnings and forecast cone, before a storm has fully become a tropical depression or storm.

The storm is expected to become a tropical depression or storm later today or tonight.

Regardless of strength, heavy rain and life-threatening flooding are all but certain in South Florida and will be the main threat with this system.

A widespread 5-10 inches of rain is expected, and some areas could get up to one foot of rain.

Dangerous heavy rain will begin this evening and last into the overnight hours; rain rates could exceed 3 inches per hour.

A few tornadoes could quickly spin up, especially in the Florida Keys.  This will be most likely Friday afternoon into Saturday morning.

Overall, it may well be dangerous to be on the roads in the southern part of Florida Friday into the daytime on Saturday. Residents should consider changing their plans so they are home during the gustiest and rainiest part of the storm.

It is likely that 1-3 feet of storm surge is expected in South Florida. This may result in minor flooding right along the coast but significant impacts are not expected.

Posted by Chris Oberholtz
Breaking News

Potential waterspout just offshore of Everglades City, Florida

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Heavy rains spread across western Cuba, southern Florida

2 p.m. EDT UPDATE: Aircraft data from the National Hurricane Center indicates disturbance from Potential Tropical Cyclone One has changed little in organization during the past several hours.

Heavy rains are now spreading across western Cuba and southern Florida.

Wind speeds are currently 40 mph and moving northeast at 5 mph.

The storm is located 395 miles southwest of Ft. Myers, Florida and 150 miles north-northeast of Cozumel, Mexico.

Posted by Chris Oberholtz

Steady rain for now in Palm Beach, much more on the way

FOX Weather's Will Nunley is in Palm Beach, Florida, on Friday with the latest on the incoming storm.

Posted by Chris Oberholtz

LIVE: FOX Weather Beast rolls along South Florida

The FOX Weather Beast is in South Florida to track Potential Tropical Cyclone One as it approaches landfall. Watch and follow along on the Facebook Live below.

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What is a potential tropical cyclone?

Tropical depression, tropical storm and hurricane are terms you hear every hurricane season, but "potential tropical cyclone" is a relatively new phrase with which you might not be very familiar.

Introduced by the National Hurricane Center in 2017, a potential tropical cyclone permits the NHC to issue routine advisories on a system that has not yet developed into a tropical depression or tropical storm but brings a threat of 39-plus-mph winds to land within 48 hours.

Click the story below to read more.

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Current location of Potential Tropical Cyclone One

As of midday Friday, this developing system located more than 400 miles southwest of Fort Myers, Florida, was producing clusters of showers and thunderstorms.

Bands of rain and gusty winds had already arrived in parts of South Florida and the Florida Keys as tropical moisture streams well to the northeast of the system's center.

Posted by Chris Oberholtz
Developing Story

Tropical Storm Warning issued across parts of Florida

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'This is gonna be a long hurricane season ahead of us'

Take a listen to Patrick Fuller with the Charlotte County Emergency Management as he discusses the Tropical Storm Warning for Charlotte County, Florida, and how they're preparing.

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Sandbags distributed in Miami

In preparation for the potential of major flooding, Miami city officials are distributing sandbags to help homeowners.

Sandbags are available at these locations while supplies last until 7:30 p.m. EDT Friday:

Grapeland Park - 1550 NW 37th Ave, Miami FL 33125

Little Haiti Soccer Park - 315 NE 62 Street, Miami, FL 33138

Posted by Chris Oberholtz

Free sandbags offered in Fort Lauderdale

Residents in Fort Lauderdale can get sandbags while supplies last at Mills Pond Park. You need to bring your own shovel and show proof of residency.

Posted by Chris Oberholtz

Public utility crews in Hollywood, Florida, stay busy

Public utility crews in Hollywood, Florida, are out working to clear storm drains, checking the stationary pumping stations and deploying auxiliary pumps in low-lying areas prone to flooding.

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