Tom Brady, the NFL's ultimate snowbird, calls it quits when freezing temps follow him to Florida

Iguanas aren't the only things falling in Florida this week, but jaws too after reports of Tom Brady's retirement.

Could it be the loss of warmth within Bucs fans or was it just the nor’easter filtering in cold air? Iguanas aren't the only things falling in Florida this week, but jaws too after reports of Tom Brady’s retirement. 

News leaked Saturday that the NFL’s ultimate snowbird called it quits, and maybe the freezing temps had something to do with it. While we’d like to blame the weather (because who doesn’t) and the recent cold snap for his retirement, we can’t be certain.

Since then, there has been a flurry of reports of whether he was actually retiring, it wasn't until Tuesday when the "GOAT" made it official. 

Let’s look back at his reign as one of the NFL's top quarterbacks. 

Before trading in for warmth, Brady has had a long history of cold weather. He went to the University of Michigan in the late 90s and led the team to two bowl wins during his collegiate career.

Then, he was drafted to an even colder location in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

You would think the 20 seasons of New England cold would be enough to break anyone, but he wanted to take his six Super Bowl wins somewhere warmer, much warmer.

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Nearly 1300 miles away, Tampa Bay welcomed Brady with open arms and hearts, leaving New Englanders feeling heated.

And while Pats fans may have been cold-hearted, the warmth of Tampa certainly made Brady’s Super Bowl victory with the Bucs look that much sweeter, and provided the team with their only second championship win. The Bucs made history, becoming the first to win a Super Bowl in their home stadium.

When the reports first hit, Tampa’s overnight low temperatures dipped down to the mid-30s, but FOX Weather is sure that the feels-like temps were even colder.