FOX Weather's Nick Kosir to take the stage on hit show 'So You Think You Can Dance'

FOX Weather's Nick Kosir takes a break from predicting and tracking storms to bring the heat on the floor learning a new dance challenge with dancers Comfort and Bailey for SYTYCD's annual All-Star episode.

NEW YORK -- FOX Weather's own 'Dancing Weatherman' Nick Kosir is about to take the stage this week with the dancers from FOX's hit show: So You Think You Can Dance.

The dance competition features amateur dancers of all genres who compete each week with the winner ultimately crowned "America's best dancer."

Kosir took a break from tracking storms to bring the heat on the floor learning a new dance challenge with ‘Dance’ alums Comfort and Bailey for SYTYCD's annual All-Star episode.

"Remembering choreo is a pain in the Doppler Radar," Kosir laughed during one practice routine.

Kosir has been dancing his way across weather studios, and social media feeds for three years.

"It started in 2019 when I worked at FOX 46 in Charlotte, North Carolina," Kosir said. "Management encouraged us to have a strong social media presence. I was scrolling through my Instagram feed looking for inspiration when I saw a video of some guys dancing and thought, 'I could probably do that.' "

He learned the dance and performed it in the studio the following week and then posted it to Instagram before taking a nap.

"I woke up to thousands of messages – and followers," Kosir said. Those followers now count in the millions -- 6.5 million across Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

"Ironically, life has felt like a bit of a dream since I woke up from that nap. Not only did I find my groove on social media with dancing, I also found an outlet to be creative, connect with others and make people smile – and that’s what keeps me dancing."

Kosir says one of his most challenging videos was to wow the crowd live during a 4th quarter timeout of a Brooklyn Nets game in 2021.

"This one sticks out because it was live, so I had to nail it the first time… and I was nervous!" he said. "On top of the nerves, I was struggling to hear the music over the sound of the crowd and my shoes were struggling to glide on the court. This was one I was scared to watch back, hoping I didn’t mess it up. Was relieved that it turned out and got a great response from the crowd!"

But of the hundreds of dance videos he's since posted, Kosir says his first one remains his favorite. 

"I two-stepped out of my comfort zone and tried something new in the weather studio," he said. "Mixing my personality with my profession was a bit of a risk. I’m so grateful for the encouragement I got to keep going… being able to be yourself is the best thing ever, and that video allowed me to start being myself at work and online for the world to see."

And maybe someday he'll have company. I asked Kosir who on the FOX Weather Staff has the best moves.

He thinks it'll be his co-host on America's Weather Now: Marissa Torres.

"She says she can’t dance but she doesn’t give herself enough credit… she’s got some moves," Kosir said. "In fact, I’d probably say she has the best moves on the FOX Weather staff."

But for now, it'll be sharing the stage with Comfort and Bailey in front of millions of 'Dance' fans.

"At the end of the day, my mission is to use social media to connect with others and make people smile," Kosir said. "Having the opportunity to be on SYTYCD is exciting because it gave me the opportunity to connect with two incredibly talented dancers, and hopefully make families watching smile. I also love the bigger story here… how our lives intersected on SYTYCD because we followed our dreams. For each of us, it’s taken a little rhythm and a whole lot of hard work and courage to get here."

You can watch the episode Wednesday July 20 at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on FOX.