Tis the season for cruisin’: Holiday cruises ramp up in the cruise capital of the world

The Sunshine State’s Port Miami hosts nine mega cruise terminals, pushing up to 70,000 passengers in and out of the terminals in one day.

MIAMI – Vacationers flock to Port Miami this week to begin their holiday trips on the high seas.

Thanksgiving is part of Port Miami’s busiest time of year – which runs from the beginning of November to the end of April – due to bigger families and other large groups traveling together for the holidays.

As more countries relax COVID-19 restrictions, more travelers are vacationing this year on cruise lines and are moving through Port Miami to travel to and from their destinations.

"I was happy to be out and to finally have a good time and to be around people," said Christina Reed, who was traveling through the port with her husband after a trip to the Bahamas.


Port Miami hosts nine mega cruise terminals, capable of pushing up to 70,000 passengers in and out of the terminals in one day, according to Port Miami deputy port director Frederick Wong. 

He added that, before the COVID-19 pandemic, the port saw about 6.8 million passengers.

To handle the volume of passengers, a crew of more than 500 full-time employees works year-round to ensure their quick arrivals and departures.

A cruise vessel at Port Miami can disembark 6,000 passengers and their luggage, embark 6,000 new passengers and their luggage and resupply fuel and other resources in only 9 hours, according to Wong.

For Wong, the future looks bright for those looking to travel on the high seas.

"Pack your bags, pack your bathing suits and your flip flops, and get ready for cruising all over again," he said.