100% chance of National Weatherperson's Day on Sunday

Help FOX Weather celebrate one of our favorite 'holidays' National Weatherperson's day.

Not only do meteorologists "get paid to be wrong half the time and still keep our jobs," but we also get our own day!

February 5, designated as National Weatherperson’s Day in the U.S., aims to recognize women and men in meteorology and weather forecasting.

The day commemorates the birth of one of America’s first weather observers, John Jeffries.  

Jeffries, born in 1744, began taking daily weather observations in Boston in 1774, and he conducted the first balloon observation in 1784, according to National Weather Service

"Despite all the weather technology, it still takes a dedicated group of meteorologists to correctly interpret the weather data, deliver the most-accurate forecasts to help plan your day, and most importantly - warn you when dangerous weather threatens," the National Weather Service writes.

While you may only see several on-air, there are more than 100 meteorologists at FOX Weather. These on-air and behind-the-scenes meteorologists work to provide you with the best forecasts to keep you safe. 

If you think a career in weather may be for you, hear from some of America’s Weather Team and their advice for aspiring meteorologists. 

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