EF-2 tornadoes, large hail cause damage in west Texas

One tornado swept through the small town of Hermleigh causing damage while hail as large as 3" in diameter struck O'Donnell.

HERMLEIGH, Tex. -- Numerous severe thunderstorms sweeping through western Texas Sunday evening brought a few damaging tornadoes and large hail.

One tornado swept through the small town of Hermleigh.  Video from storm chaser Ivan Foster shows damage to a tire shop along Highway 84. A storm survey team with the National Weather Service in Midland reports damage to a home consistent with EF-2 strength.

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"The Tornado continued moving East-Northeast, snapping numerous power poles and causing damage to vehicles, mobile homes and other structures," the story survey team wrote.  The storm was on the ground for about 10 minutes. 

Another severe storm struck Fort Stockton along Interstate 10. 

The National Weather Service reported an 18-wheeler was flipped onto its side and some houses were damaged on the eastern side of town. 

In addition, large baseball-sized hail up to 2.5-3 inches in diameter was reported in the region, including the town of O'Donnell.

There are no reports of any serious injuries yet.  

The National Weather Service office in Midland is sending a story survey team to the damaged regions to confirm a tornado strike and determine the tornado's strength.