Watch: Dramatic aerial video shows helicopter rescue of trucker nearly swept away by raging floodwater

The dramatic aerial video shows the driver of a tipped-over tanker truck being saved as a flooded Galana River overtook the road. The driver was stuck for six hours when the river flooded, surrounding his truck in raging rapids.

MOMBASA, Kenya – A truck driver in southern Kenya was recently rescued by helicopter from the rising waters of the Galana River Wednesday.

The driver had been driving across the Galana-Kulalu causeway when the river suddenly flooded and surrounded his truck, according to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, who were called to help with the rescue.

Video of the rescue opens up inside the helicopter, showing pilot Taru Carr-Hartley in the cockpit and what was a road that had disappeared under muddy floodwaters.

In the middle of the flooded causeway is a white tanker truck tipped over on its side. A closer look at the truck shows a man struggling to pull himself through the cab window.

The helicopter lowers, and then rescuer Roan Carr-Hartley is seen reaching out and taking the hand of the trapped man, helping him out of the truck and onboard the helicopter.

According to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, the man had been stuck for more than six hours.


Parts of Kenya have been devastated due to floodwaters. In fact, the Kenya National Highways Authority recently closed another road due to the ongoing rain, cautioning "everyone to be vigilant while using the roads, especially during this rainy season."