Massive waves from Hurricane Darby’s remnants crash Hawaii wedding, soak guests

The big waves in Hawaii were due to the remnants of Hurricane Darby

A bride and groom weren't expecting this kind of wedding crasher as they tied the knot over the weekend in Hawaii.

Giant waves bombarded Riley and Dillon Murphy's reception area on Saturday.

The massive wave was seen crashing over a sea wall at a resort on Hawaii's Big Island.


As the water moved into the reception area, guests were left running to take cover, but many were left soaked. 

The bride said that despite the water sweeping away half of their reception, their wedding turned out to be a "memorable night."

Massive waves and high surf were seen in other parts of the Big Island over the weekend, thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Darby. 

On Saturday, oceanfront buildings along Keauhou-Kona took the brunt of "historic" surf conditions. Swells were forecast to reach as high as 20 feet along the southern coast of Hawaii Island.

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