Watch: Tornado wreaks havoc in German port town of Kiel

Damage was reported to roofs and chimneys and large trees.

BERLIN -- Seven people were injured -- three seriously -- when a tornado touched down in the German port city of Kiel on Wednesday, according to the European Severe Weather Database.

The twister struck around 5:40 p.m. local time and swirled on the ground for six miles. Damage was reported to roofs and chimneys, and large trees. 

Several rowers were then caught off guard as the tornado headed toward the port area of Kiel. A city fire department spokesperson told German news agency, Spiegel that the rowers were "whirled around and people fell into the water."

The tornado was given an F1 rating on the 5-point Fujita Scale, says the storm report posted in the ESWD. 

The country averages about 20-60 tornados per year, according to the AP.