Tropical disturbance in southwest Atlantic being monitored for development chances

There is a slight chance of tropical or subtropical development from a non-tropical low as it moves northeastward through the weekend. The NHC currently puts just 10% odds of the system reaching tropical or subtropical status within the next several days.

The National Hurricane Center is closely monitoring a disturbance in the southwest Atlantic, just days before the Atlantic hurricane season is about to commence.

A trough of low pressure is producing disorganized showers and thunderstorms a few hundred miles to the northeast of the central Bahamas on Friday, the NHC said in its latest outlook. An area of low pressure is expected to form within this system roughly halfway between Bermuda and Hispaniola later Friday.


Here's a look at the latest tropical disturbance in the Atlantic Ocean on Thursday, May 23, 2024.
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Environmental conditions are not expected to be conducive for significant development. However, there's a slight chance the low could transition into a tropical or subtropical system while it moves northeastward through the weekend.  The NHC currently gives the system just 10% odds of reaching tropical depression status within the next several days. 

It's just a signal of what will likely be many bulletins from the NHC this season. NOAA's official forecast for the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season calls for a very busy season with 17-25 named storms, of which 8-13 may become hurricanes. It is the largest number of named storms ever forecast by NOAA, surpassing the 14-23 range predicted in 2010. 

The 2024 hurricane season will officially begin on June 1 and last through Nov. 30.