Toilet explodes after lightning strikes apartment complex in Oklahoma

There were no fatalities reported across the area.

OKMULGEE, OK. – A hectic night throughout eastern Oklahoma will be remembered by firefighters for not only performing dozens of water rescues but also seeing the impacts of what a lightning bolt can do to a porcelain toilet.

Okmulgee Fire Lt. Rocky Morrow said Wednesday’s storms were nothing like what he had ever seen before, with flooding on nearly every street in the town and dozens of water rescues.

But the 19-year veteran firefighter said it was the callout to an apartment complex fire after a reported lightning strike that has everyone talking.

"I’ve worked at the fire department for 19 years and never seen anything like it," Morrow said, describing the scene of the apartment.


Upon his team’s entrance into the vacant apartment, firefighters found a smoking exhaust fan in the bathroom and a toilet that was in essence obliterated by the lightning strike.

"The roof of the building had no damage, but that thing got hit by lightning. It’s weird, and we don’t know how," Morrow told FOX Weather.

The firefighter believes that somehow the lightning’s energy might have transferred through the exhaust fan, which then struck the toilet below and caused parts of it to denigrate into ashes.

 "It is just so wild. You’ll never see it again in your life," Morrow said. "It’s almost like an act of God. I mean, it’s just unexplainable."

Fortunately, the unit was unoccupied at the time, and no one was injured by the strike.

The system that caused the severe weather is being blamed for producing several tornadoes across Texas and Oklahoma.