Summer doesn't seem to stop in Florida

January has been generally warm in Miami, averaging 71 degrees

MIAMI - Winter is known to be cold, but that doesn't always hold true everywhere.

FOX Weather multimedia journalist Brandy Campbell headed to sunny Miami, where plenty of people are still enjoying the outdoors in warmer temperatures.

Campbell said she's seen crowded beaches and people fishing. She's even seen people wakeboarding even though January is the coolest month of the year in Florida.

And while the weather is perfect for people, it's also favorable for business at the Miami Watersports Complex.

South Florida saw snow 45 years ago. Could it happen again?

"It feels great that we can offer that year-round," said Ignacio Hernandez, general manager of Miami Watersports Complex. "And business-wise, it makes sense because these cable parks. It's a tough business, but being year-round makes it very well worth it."

It's currently the slow season, which means shorter lines for people trying to perfect skills or trying it for the first time – like Campbell.

January has been generally warm in Miami, averaging 71 degrees. It's historically the coldest month for Florida, averaging around 58 degrees since 1895. However, the coldest date was in February 1899, when it dropped to 2 degrees below zero in Tallahassee during the great arctic outbreak.

And while rare, sometimes the cold can bring snow. The most recent instance occurred in early January in the Florida Panhandle.

However, winter is a bit busier than summer for Miami. Hotel occupancy averaged close to 75 percent for the winter, compared to 66 percent in the summer months of 2021.

"We have an awful lot of festivals and music festivals and outdoor events because we can this time of year," said David Whitaker, president and CEO of the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau. "That's attractive as well as obviously the magic of Miami Beach."

While Florida feels different from many states during the winter, it gives people a reason to escape the brutal cold and frozen roads for a moment to have some fun in the warm weather.