Severe storms leave path of destruction in southern Illinois

No major injuries, deaths reported

WRIGHTS, Ill. - The National Weather Service will be surveying damage across portions of Greene County, Illinois, Tuesday after severe weather tore through the region.

Videos posted to social media showed a tornado in the eastern part of the county moving from Wrights to Athensville.

A large machine shed was destroyed in Wrights, and the winds also caved in a silo, according to FOX2 News.

"It was just horrific," Heather Witt told FOX2 News. "It's awful to think someone is going to lose so much equipment and machinery. It's a bad time of the year to lose it but for no one to be hurt that was here."

One storm chaser reported seeing a tornado cross I-72 near Morgan County. Debris was seen being tossed into the air and a tractor-trailer was flipped over, according to the Storm Prediction Center.

More damage was reported Monday evening in Woodford County where trees and a barn were knocked over. 

There were also several reports of damage associated with the strong wind as storms moved through. Trees across several counties were knocked over damaging homes and cars. 

The roof of a high school in Fountain County was also reported with water damage inside the building.

Luckily there are no reports of any major injuries or deaths associated with the storms.