Record heat hangs on in the central US

Highs 10-30 degrees warmer than average late November temperatures will stick around.

Record high temperatures fell across the Northern and Central Plains Sunday.  The heat looks like it will hang-on through mid-week.

Montana and Wyoming heat

Missoula, Bozeman, and Livingston all broke the record highs by 10 degrees.  Lander, Glasgow, and Kalispell broke records that were set in 1899.  These temperatures were 20-30 degrees warmer than normal.

Bozeman hit 65 degrees Sunday, the average high is 36.  Missoula's average high is 35 degrees.  The city hit 62 degrees Sunday.

The National Weather Service in Great Falls, Montana already has a list of highs in jeopardy for Monday.

FOX Weather meteorologists forecast well above normal temperatures across the Plains through Thursday. 

 Denver whose average high is 48 degrees expects a high of 72 degrees on Thursday.

Warm temperatures are sobering for those looking for seasonal snows.  Every day without snow is a new record for the city who has not recorded measurable snow yet this season.  DENVER BREAKS RECORD FOR LATEST DATE WITHOUT MEASURABLE SNOW