Potential nor'easter could bring snow to the Northeast this week

If the ingredients come together, the Northeast could see its first significant snowfall of the season

Forecasters are keeping an eye on a storm system that could eventually lead to the development of a nor'easter off the East Coast later this week.

With it still being so far out, there is uncertainty with the track of this storm, which could cause variations in precipitation type and totals. 

The setup:

A storm system will arrive in the Pacific Northwest on Monday that will allow for some rain and snow in the higher elevations.

That system will then continue its movement across the western United States.

It will eventually dissipate over the Rockies and will transfer its energy to a new storm system over the Lower Mississippi Valley on Tuesday.

That system will be pulling in the warmer air from the Gulf of Mexico. However, there's a storm system in the northern United States that will be pulling colder air from Canada.

The track of that low-pressure system in the South will determine the type of precipitation the Northeast sees. 

If it continues to tap into the warmer air from the Gulf of Mexico, the Northeast will see more rain than snow. That's likely the scenario as of Sunday.

But there is still a chance that more of the colder air could be in place by the time the low-pressure system moves off the East Coast on Wednesday.

If that happens, light to moderate snow could fall across western Pennsylvania and western New York, including Buffalo. Some moderate snow could also fall in New England from Hartford and Providence to Boston and Portland, Maine.

Other models show snow having a bigger impact. Heavier snow could fall across a large part of the Northeast and New England, especially along the I-95 corridor from New Jersey into northern Maine. That means major cities like New York, Hartford, Providence, Boston and Portland could see their first significant snowfall of the season.

A combination of the models show light to moderate snow in Pennsylvania, western New York and southern New England. There's the potential for moderate to heavier snow in New England, including most of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and western Maine if conditions come together. Northern New York state could also see the heavier snow.

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