Overnight temperatures cold enough for falling iguanas in Florida

It will be a cold night in the Sunshine State, especially by Florida standards. 

Temperatures in the northern part of the state will dip near freezing, prompting Freeze and Frost Alerts.

And while most people should worry about protecting their plants and pets, iguanas falling from trees also may be a concern in the southern part of the state.

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Zoo Miami Communications Director Ron Magill said the temperatures need to be below 50 degrees constantly to slow an iguana considerably.

Overnight lows for Southern Florida will be near that tonight.

Iguanas are cold-blooded, and when the temperatures drop, the normally tropical reptiles slow and can become cold-stunned. If they happen to be in a tree or some brush, which is where they like to hang out, they might fall during their cold-stunned slumber.

As for tomorrow, temperatures will warm enough not to have falling reptiles.