Ophelia tracker: power outages, estimated rainfall, impacts and more

The highest wind gust reported during Ophelia took place in Cape Lookout, North Carolina. Winds gusted to nearly hurricane force.

COVERAGE OF THE AFTERMATH OF TROPICAL STORM OPHELIA CAN BE FOUND HERE: Tropical Storm Ophelia blasts Northeast after coastal flooding reported in mid-Atlantic

Tropical Storm Ophelia made landfall at near hurricane-force strength in coastal North Carolina on Saturday morning, lashing a large swath of the mid-Atlantic coast with blistering winds, heavy rains and dangerous storm surge.

During the height of the storm, Tropical Storm Warnings were in effect for more than 7 million from North Carolina to Delaware and Hurricane Watches were in place for coastal communities in North Carolina.


The tropical storm had sustained winds near 70 mph but has become shell of its former shelf.

As much as 3-5 inches of rain was expected along and near the Interstate 95 corridor stretching into the Northeast, which led to flash flooding, especially during periods of high tide.

Where is Ophelia?

Where Ophelia is located.
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Where are the power outages?

Power outages in Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina.
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Where is coastal flooding a threat?

Coastal Flood Advisories.
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What are some of the peak wind gusts with Tropical Storm Ophelia?

Peak Wind Gusts for Ophelia.
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How much rain could fall from Ophelia?

Predicted Rainfall Amounts for Tropical Storm Ophelia
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What are some of the largest rain totals from Tropical Storm Ophelia?

Highest Rainfall Amounts for Tropical Storm Ophelia
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 Radar animation of Ophelia

A three-hour radar loop showing where showers and thunderstorms are ongoing. Severe Thunderstorm Warnings are indicated in yellow. Tornado Warnings are indicated in red, while Tornado Warnings with a confirmed tornado are indicated in purple. Flash Flood Warnings are indicated in green, while Flash Flood Emergencies are indicated in pink.
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