Northeast holds off February temperatures to start the week

Cold air will move back into the region by the end of the week

The Northeast manages to push-back old-man-winter for the start of the work week with temperatures 20 to 30 degrees warmer than normal.

The mid-Atlantic will see temperatures in the upper-60s, while New York City will get to around 53 degrees Monday.

Boston will warm up to around 52 degrees in the afternoon.

Northern New England will remain chilly but warmer than Sunday. Bangor is expected to be around 48 degrees, and Burlington will be in the low-40s.

The mild temperatures will remain on Tuesday.

Detroit, Michigan and Buffalo, New York, will be 54 degrees in the afternoon. 

To the south, Pittsburgh will flirt with 60 degrees.

New York City will be around 55 degrees, and Boston will remain in the low-50s.

Northern New England will start to feel the chill on Tuesday.

Bangor will be around 40 degrees.

The first half of the week will remain mild, with temperatures 20-30 degrees above average through Wednesday.

While Monday and Tuesday will be in the low-50s in Boston, temperatures will jump another 10 degrees before a big cool down at the end of the week.

By Wednesday, colder air will be moving into the Great Lakes region and northern New England, bringing the cold temperatures back to the region at the end of the week.