NOAA to release winter outlook on Thursday

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will release details on winter’s temperature and precipitation outlook.

Forecasters will release the annual winter outlook on Thursday, which will include predictions on temperatures and precipitation for the 2021-2022 season.

So far this year, the country has seen a mixed bag of temperatures and precipitation. While the West has remained hot and dry, the South has seen several cool periods, with plenty of rain.

The outlook by NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center will give forecasters clues on what pattern changes to watch for during meteorological winter, which runs from December 2021 through February 2022.

The Farmers’ Almanac, which claims to be 80% to 85% accurate, has already released its winter forecast. 

The publication foresees a colder than average winter across most of the country, with the Plains and Midwest seeing the brunt of the chill.

While it may be too soon to tell which areas of the country will be impacted the hardest, climatologists say La Niña will be in control well in 2022, which can provide some clues on what to expect.

During a typical La Niña pattern in North America, the Midwest and the Northeast typically see a cooler than average winter.

Parts of the Southwest and South are typically drier than average, and therefore, temperatures are a bit more moderate.

And if history is any precursor to the future, the Pacific Northwest will find itself seeing round after round of valley rains and mountain snows.