NASCAR jet dryer brought in to help in Philadelphia's race to reopen I-95 before wet weather

Crews have been working to reopen a collapsed section of the road but with rain in the forecast Gov. Josh Shapiro asked the Pocono Raceway for help to speed up the drying process.

PHILADELPHIA -- Thunderstorms and rounds of rain along Interstate 95 in Pennsylvania could be especially challenging for crews working to rebuild a section of the highway in Philadelphia that collapsed last week. In case of rain, the Pocono Raceway brought in its NASCAR jet dryer to help speed up the drying process to help get the highway reopened.

A portion of I-95 collapsed on June 11 after a tanker caught fire on a portion of the highway. The interstate has been closed while major repairs are underway.

Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro set a goal of reopening the highway within two weeks, and crews have been working around the clock to make it happen. Mother Nature isn't making that easy.

The FOX Forecast Center is predicting 3-5 inches of rain to fall along the I-95 corridor this weekend and into next week.

With more rain in the forecast, Shapiro asked the Pocono Raceway for help to speed up the drying process. 

"We need 12 hours of dry weather to complete the paving and striping process," Shapiro tweeted. 


The Pocono Raceway brought one of its raceway jet dryers to Philadelphia on Thursday, sharing photos of the dryer on the back of a Chevrolet truck and a Chevy Camero pace car parked at the worksite on I-95. The raceway said the dryer was on standby in case of rain.

"We are honored to be asked to lend a small hand if needed to assist in the reopening of I-95," the Raceway wrote on Twitter. 

While the NASCAR jet dryer didn't get used, the impacted lanes reopened on Friday, days ahead of schedule.