Bizarre 'rain' falls amid crystal clear skies near Seattle

Video shows a drenching rain falling in the backyard of a home north of Seattle despite sunshine and clear skies overhead.

MILL CREEK, Wash. -- There's probably a joke in here somewhere that even when the skies are sunny, those in the Seattle area can still experience rain.

But that's what happened in a rather peculiar sight in a backyard north of the city Wednesday where it was raining in the backyard, despite nary a cloud in sight.

"I noticed the pavement was dry, but it was wet under the trees," said Patrick Andre. "Usually, the pavement is wet in the rain, and it is dry under the trees."

What's happening?

The night before had featured frost and dense fog -- temperatures dropped to just below freezing, leaving the trees covered in frost.

Wednesday afternoon, the fog layer finally burned off, and the blazing sunshine, along with a burst of warmth into the upper 30s, began to rapidly melt all the frost, making it rain on a sunny day -- at least in one backyard.