Most of the country to enjoy above average temperatures this week

Temperatures could be 30 degrees above average in some parts of the country.

Most areas of the country will be enjoying above-average temperatures later this week, but there’s still some cold air to get through before getting there.

The cold air situated across the northern half of the country will retreat to the north by midweek, allowing for an area of high pressure to move into the Rockies.

Sunday stayed on the cold side in the Southern Plains, along the Gulf Coast into the Florida Panhandle and into the Southeast and southern mid-Atlantic.

Warmer air will begin to the Central Plains by Monday, and temperatures will be 10-20 degrees above average.

By Tuesday, the area of high pressure will be in place, allowing temperatures to get to 30 degrees above average in the Plains. Temperatures 10-20 degrees above average will be felt in other areas of the central United States by Tuesday.

Temperatures are expected to remain below average across the Northeast and New England until at least Tuesday.

The western half of the country will also enjoy above-average temperatures by Tuesday.

Sunday will be cold, with below-average temperatures expected in the Central Rockies, north into parts of the Pacific Northwest.

By Monday, an area of high pressure will move into the region, and temperatures will start to rise.

Above-average temperatures will be felt along the west coast and into the Southwest.

And except for the higher elevations, temperatures 20-30 degrees above average are expected across the western half of the country.