Kentucky man pulls his fiancée from rubble after tornado hits his home

The tornado has an initial rating of EF-1 with winds of 95 mph.

A Kentucky man saved his fiancée after pulling her from the rubble caused by a tornado Monday.

At least one tornado was confirmed Monday after severe storms moved through Stamping Ground, Kentucky.

Travis Fields was sleeping and was thrown from his bed when the tornado hit.

"I just woke up to just a boom and being just thrown uncontrollably, just rolling and just flipping over. I didn't know what was happening," Fields said. 

He said he started to panic and didn't know if it was the end. 

"Honestly, I felt like I might have been dying or something. I didn't really know what it was," Fields struggled to say.

The sounds of his home crashing around him caused him to panic.

"I started looking for my fiancée, and I didn't see her, and I started yelling for her," he said.

Fields said it wasn't for a while until he heard something in the distance. 

"I started screaming for her, and then I finally heard her," he said. 

He found her underneath the rubble of his home. 

"I went back there and dug her out."

After fields worked to pull her from the debris, he carried her to a relative's house down the road. 

The National Weather Service said that at least two people were injured from the storm. 

Officials gave the tornado an initial rating of EF-1 with winds of 95 mph.