‘Just so thankful to be alive’: Kentucky woman describes narrow escape from tornado

DAWSON SPRINGS, Ky. – Volunteers in Dawson Springs, Kentucky, continue to search for anyone potentially buried under the rubble after a tornado hit the town Friday evening. 

It's a somber scene while many residents have come back trying to pick up the pieces of their lives that the tornado destroyed. 

For one couple, they barely made it out alive. 

"We just managed to get to the basement," Sally Hicks said. "My husband barely got in the door."

Hicks hung onto a shelf as she watched the tornado pick up her house right above her.  

"(The tornado) went right overhead, and it essentially lifted our house," Hicks said. "It shifted the whole first floor about 10 feet off the foundation."

Three days later, Sally walked through what was her home, and noticed some things completely untouched. 

"The tomatoes were sitting right here, and they’re undisturbed. You just can’t even imagine how fickle everything is."

As she continued to look at what was left of her home, she’s just thankful to be standing here.  

"It may sound trite, but really, we’re just so thankful to be alive," she said. "It's a very terrifying experience, and we're so fortunate."