It's been months since Seattle's had 3 dry days in a row

Summer had barely been knocked from its perch the last time Seattle had gone three days in a row without rain,

SEATTLE --- Sure, autumn is the rainiest time of the year in the Pacific Northwest, but does it feel like we haven't had any real chance to wring out after being hit by one rainstorm after another…

After another. After another?

You would be right. The last time Seattle has gone two dry days in a row? It was Nov. 16-17.

How about three days in a row?  According to Seattle area meteorologist Joe Boomgard-Zagrodnik, the last time that happened wasn't in November. Or even October.

You have to go back to Sept. 23-25 to find the last three-day dry streak! That's nearly the entire autumn!

It makes sense when you consider Seattle had its wettest Sept. 1-Nov. 30 on record. Overall since Sept. 26, it has rained enough to measure on 56 of the 71 days, with three additional days counting a trace of rainfall.

So that means a break is coming, right?

Wrong. Rain is in the forecast every day for at least the next seven days. Maybe some more wind too.