Heroic New York cop crosses icy lake to save dog

Same officer previously saved woman from burning home

LEWISTON, N.Y. -- A police officer in New York who had already proved his heroics did it again this week when a dog became trapped in an icy lake.

According to Facebook posts from the Lewiston Police Department, the 10-month-old lab named Kona was being walked off-leash at Bond Lake Park when she chased after a flock of geese that had landed in the middle of the frozen lake. The ice gave out and Kona fell into the frigid water, about 50 yards from shore. Kona’s owner called 911 and Officer Jon Smith was among the first responders who arrived within 15 minutes.

Body-worn camera video shows Smith shedding equipment before he walked out across the ice to reach Kona. Smith grabbed Kona by the scruff of her neck and was able to pull her out of the freezing water.

Kona, seemingly unfazed by the whole ordeal, ran back to shore while shaking the icy water off her fur.

The dog’s owner sent a letter to the police station, saying he and Kona will be visiting officers there soon to thank them for their work.

Smith had already been awarded for his heroics after pulling a woman from a burning home in October, according to officials at the department.