Caught on cam: Massive waterspout forms off coast of Vancouver

A storm system impacting the Pacific Northwest helped produce a waterspout.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Environment conditions came together on Saturday for a large waterspout to form in the waters near Vancouver.

Canadians from several areas around the Strait of Georgia captured the rare sight on video.

Passengers at the Vancouver International Airport had a front-row seat as the waterspout worked its way northward along the coast.

The view was equally as impressive from near the University of British Columbia.

That's where Kevin Adams, along his family, captured the waterspout on video.

Adams said the sight was "terrifying and magnificent all at the same time."

Canada's official weather agency did issue a tornado watch for the area around Vancouver but has since allowed the alerts to expire.

FOX Weather meteorologist Scott Sistek said it's a rare sight for the region to see the phenomenon.

"Waterspouts and tornadoes are very rare for the Vancouver area, and at least on video it's the largest I can remember seeing there," Sistek said.

So far, there are no reports that the waterspout moved ashore or created damage.

The weather system that produced the waterspout will continue to keep the pattern unsettled for much of the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia through the weekend.