California atmospheric river map tracker: Latest data on power outages, flood and wind alerts, rain totals

More atmospheric river storms are expected to hit California this week. The FOX Forecast Center warned that it’s becoming more likely that the flooding threat from the strongest storm will be more serious than last week’s storm.

In an ominous warning from the National Weather Service over the weekend, people in California are being advised to stay up to date with the current weather forecasts and be prepared to take action if necessary as the latest atmospheric river storm will have a "direct threat to life and property."


The maps below from the FOX Forecast Center show the latest information on the storm's path across the state, including active weather alerts and power outages as they unfold.

Where is the California storm now?

A three-hour radar loop shows where the storm is located right now, along with any active warnings. Flash Flood warnings are indicated in green, Severe Thunderstorm warnings are indicated in yellow, and Tornado warnings are indicated in red.
(FOX Weather)


How many power outages have been reported in California?

High winds are expected to cause problems across California by bringing down trees and power lines that will likely cut off electricity across many areas of the Golden State. Here's what the power outage situation looks like right now.

Here's a look at the power outage tracker in California.
(FOX Weather)


What are the active wind alerts in my area?

Winds are expected to be quite strong, and High Wind warnings and Wind advisories have been issued as a result. The map below shows any current wind alerts because of the storm.

The current wind alerts in effect.
(FOX Weather)


What are the active flood alerts in my area?

Widespread flooding is a major concern with this latest atmospheric river storm that's slamming California. The maps below show the current flood threat.

The flash flood threat on Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2023.
(FOX Weather)


What are the current water levels of California rivers?

As California is slammed with torrential rain, rivers are expected to rise, and that will lead to life-threatening flooding across many areas of the state. The graphics below show water levels on some of California's rivers and where they're expected to crest.







How much rain is expected to fall during the storm?

Several inches of rain is expected to fall across California during this storm. Some of the highest totals are expected along coastal areas from the Los Angeles Basin north through the San Francisco Bay Area. The maps below show expected rain totals through Wednesday.

The rain total forecast in California through Wednesday.
(FOX Weather)

A closer look at the forecasted rain totals over the next three days in California.
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How much snow is expected to fall during the storm?

Heavy snow is also expected to fall in higher elevations during this latest atmospheric river storm in California. Some of the highest peaks could pick up several feet of snow. The maps below show the expected snow totals through Wednesday morning.

Forecast snow totals over the next three days in higher elevations across California.
(FOX Weather)

A closer look at some of the forecast snow totals over the next three days.
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