Atlantic staying active with 2 tropical storms, an invest, remnants of Odette

No landfalling systems expected at this time

The Atlantic hurricane season remains active this week with forecasters keeping their eyes on two tropical storms, an invest and the remnants of a tropical storm that could reorganize.

Here’s a closer look at each of the systems.

Tropical Storm Peter

Peter is a moderate tropical storm with 50 mph winds. It is centered about 105 miles north-northwest of the northern Leeward Islands and is moving west at 12 mph.

The storm is not expected to make landfall anytime soon, but it is very close to the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. This means heavy rain – up to 6 inches in places – and rough surf will be likely on those islands.

Peter is forecast to move northwest through Thursday when it is expected to weaken to a tropical depression and turn to the northeast.

Tropical Storm Rose

Rose continues to be a so-called "fish storm," because it is over the open waters of the Atlantic and poses no threat to land. It’s located about 880 miles west-northwest of the Cabo Verde Islands and is moving northwest at 20 mph. It is a weakening tropical storm with winds of 45 mph.

The storm is forecast to continue weakening as it moves northwest, becoming a tropical depression sometime Thursday. It will eventually turn northeast and become post-tropical by the weekend.

Invest 98L

This cluster of storms is located over the open waters of the Atlantic southwest of the Cabo Verde Islands. It is expected to become better organized soon. Forecasters have given it a 50% chance of development in two days and a 90% chance of development within five days.

Remnants of Odette

The leftovers of Tropical Storm Odette that had dissipated over the northern Atlantic are being watched by forecasters for possible reorganization.

The system is located about 700 miles west-northwest of the Azores, and could soon become a subtropical storm.

Forecasters have given this system a 20% chance of development within two days and 40% chance of development within five days.