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WEATHER WIRE: Second winter storm of the week tracks across Central US

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Heavy sleet and freezing rain are falling across several states before it spreads east later this week


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FOX Weather is covering the second winter storm of the week as it crosses the U.S.

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Posted by Aaron Barker

1,400+ flights canceled on Thursday reported more than 1,600 flights were canceled on Wednesday and a similar amount have been already canceled on Thursday. Impacted airports are mostly in Texas and in the Midwest.

Posted by Andrew Wulfeck

Upwards of a foot of snow possible in Mountain West

Snow totals of upwards of a foot are possible in the higher elevations of the mountainous southwest. The snow is expected to move out of the region during the day on Thursday.

Latest forecast: Click Here

Posted by Andrew Wulfeck

Ice & sleet causing problems in Arkansas

Some areas in northwest Arkansas could see half an inch of ice through Thursday. The frozen precipitation is already causing delays and cancellations.

Posted by Andrew Wulfeck

Winter weather bingo: 7 types of winter precipitation happening

At one point during the storm Wednesday all kinds of winter weather was happening, according to FOX Weather data specialist Shane Brown.

Areas from Texas to Arkansas received snow, sleet, blowing snow, thunder snow and freezing rain, thunder sleet and thunder freezing rain.

Here's what it looked like during the sleet storm in Texas and Oklahoma.

Posted by Emilee Speck

Ice forecast for Northeast

Wintry weather that is moving through the Central U.S. on Wednesday will eventually wind up in the Northeast. By Friday morning, much of the region could be looking at up to a quarter-inch of ice possible. As much as a half-inch of ice is possible across a large swath of Pennsylvania.

Accretions this high could lead to widespread power outages and treacherous roads. To find out more on what these ice amounts mean for you, click here.

Posted by Aaron Barker

Tulsa PD: Stay off the roads

Tulsa Police Capt. Richard Meulenberg said the road conditions are deteriorating and he is asking residents to "buckle down" and stay home.

"Don't run out to the store and get your toilet paper and milk right now. That time has passed," Meulenberg said.

Street crews are out trying to keep the streets clear and putting salt down.

Posted by Emilee Speck

University of Missouri-St. Louis suspends in-person classes

The University of Missouri-St. Louis will cancel all on-campus classes and activities Thursday due to the winter storm. Classes will shift to virtual learning.

A Winter Storm Warning is in effect for east central Missouri until Thursday night.

Posted by Emilee Speck

Heavy sleet in Tulsa 'downright painful'

FOX Weather correspondent Hunter Davis is in Tulsa where heavy sleet is covering roads in the downtown area.

"It's downright painful," she said of walking around with the sleet coming down in below freezing temperatures.

Posted by Emilee Speck

Air travel to be disrupted by winter storm Thursday

Several airports are expected to see delays and cancellations as a major winter storm moves across the country.

For more information on the storm, click here.

Posted by Steven Yablonski

PHOTO: Freezing rain at Arkansas Capitol

Freezing rain is coming down on the Capitol steps in Little Rock. Officials with the Arkansas DOT say this storm is "not a plowing event. It’s going to be primarily ice."

Posted by Emilee Speck

3D Radar: Tracking the winter storm moving across Arkansas, Missouri

FOX Weather's 3D Radar shows the path of the winter storm moving across northwest Arkansas and into Missouri bringing sleet and freezing rain.

Posted by Emilee Speck

Thunder sleet? It's a thing

Posted by Steven Yablonski

Sleet falling in Arkansas

Wintry weather is moving across parts of northwest Arkansas, including both freezing rain and sleet.

AgWriterArk shared this video on Twitter of heavy sleet falling in Ferndale, Arkansas.

Posted by Aaron Barker

DFW experiencing delays, cancellations because of storm

Commercial pilot Kathleen Bangs joined FOX Weather to discuss how the winter storm is causing delays and cancellations across the country. She said the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport seems to be having the most problems because of the storm, which can have a ripple effect across the country.

Posted by Aaron Barker

Ice forecast

A large part of Arkansas and Oklahoma could get as much as a quarter-inch of ice through Friday. Some isolated spots of northern Arkansas could get as much as a half-inch of ice.

This amount of ice could cause some widespread problems on roads and lead to power outages. Find out more here.

Posted by Aaron Barker

Ice on your windshield? Here’s how to remove it the right way

If you’re looking for ways to get ice off your car, you’ve come to the right place.

The second winter storm of the week is currently moving through the central U.S. before spreading into the Midwest and Northeast through Friday.

For more information about the storm, click here.  

Posted by Steven Yablonski

Sleet, freezing rain moves into Tulsa, Oklahoma

FOX Weather multimedia journalist Hunter Davis is in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and says the sleet and freezing rain has picked up in intensity.

Tulsa is currently under a winter storm warning until 6 p.m. local time on Thursday.

The NWS says the region will see periods of moderate to heavy sleet into the afternoon hours.

For the latest on this winter storm, click here.

Posted by Steven Yablonski

Snow, sleet and freezing rain: What's the difference?

Get ready: The second winter storm in only a few days is now bringing snow and ice to areas of the Plains before it moves into the Midwest and Northeast through Friday.

FOX Weather will bring you the latest information throughout the storm.

Check out the latest details by clicking here.

Posted by Steven Yablonski

Winter weather alerts up for 7 states

Winter Storm Warnings and Winter Weather Advisories have been issued for seven states -- from Texas to Illinois. Some of the alerts are in effect until Thursday night.

Posted by Aaron Barker

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