Why one gardener says fall is the best time to plant

‘It’s my favorite time to do planting’

Fall is considered a transitional season, meaning the hot weather of summer begins to change to the cold weather of winter.

That transition makes it an ideal time to plant, according to David Wilson, of Overdevest Nurseries in New Jersey.

"It’s my favorite time to do planting," Wilson said.

According to Wilson, it’s not just the cooler weather of fall that makes it a good time to plant. He said the soil is still warm from the summertime.

"It’s moist and easier to dig, too," Wilson said.

Wilson said that while plants do not grow very much above the ground, there’s a lot happening below the surface that will allow plants to get a better start in the spring.

"Underneath the ground, the roots are really growing quickly," Wilson said.

Another plus to planting in the fall is that weeds do not grow very much during the season.

"It all comes together to make a great time for planting," Wilson said.

What should you plant?

According to Wilson, he uses fall to plant things like shrubs and perennials. Among them are:

  • Panicle hydrangeas (the ones with the big white & pink flowers)
  • Butterfly bushes (Buddleia)
  • Beautyberry (Callicarpa)
  • Roses
  • Ornamental grasses

Wilson said you should include some planting compost as part of the process. He recommended mixing it together with the soil being used to secure the plant.