Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas to be first NFL championship game completely powered by renewable energy

Allegiant Stadium officials announced in October that the stadium became the first NFL stadium completely powered by renewable energy, according to the stadium's website.

LAS VEGAS – As the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs compete for the national championship on Sunday, they will be doing so while history is being made.

Super Bowl LVIII at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas will be the first NFL championship game to be completely powered by solar energy in the game’s nearly 60-year history.

Allegiant Stadium officials announced in October that the stadium had converted to 100% renewable energy, becoming the first NFL stadium completely powered by it.

This power is produced in collaboration with Nevada power company NV Energy.

While the company produces energy from a number of renewable resources, NV Energy spokesperson Meghin Delaney noted that the type of energy that will be powering Allegiant Stadium during the Super Bowl is solar.


"Solar is the biggest part of our renewable portfolio," she said. "We live in Las Vegas. We serve the whole state. We get 300 days of sunshine. So we have a lot of solar fields that make up our renewable portfolio."

The energy used to power Allegiant Stadium is generated at a solar farm located about an hour northeast of the stadium in the Moapa Indian Reservation, according to Delaney. Called Arrow Canyon Solar and Storage, the solar farm has 621,000 panels and 500 battery units.

The solar farm is then connected to the main electric grid, where the stadium draws its power. Delaney noted that, as part of a 25-year agreement between NV Energy and Allegiant Stadium, power for the stadium is coming specifically from the solar field.

In addition to pulling solar power from the grid, the stadium also has a 75-megawatt battery storage system onsite that holds a five-hour charge.

"During the day when those solar panels are taking in the sunlight, it'll charge up that battery," Delaney said. "And then, when the sun goes down, those panels aren't producing energy anymore, then we can discharge that battery for five hours."

While Allegiant Stadium’s power source differs from other stadiums, Delaney said Super Bowl attendees on Sunday will not notice a difference in their game-viewing experience. Using a renewable energy source is just one part of stadium officials’ overall sustainability plan.


Outside of the stadium, the energy produced by the solar farm also powers many Las Vegas homes. According to Delaney, the 621,000 panels at the farm produce enough energy to power nearly 60,000 NV Energy customers.

"It's just great for the stadium. It's also great for the community, and it's great for the environment," she said. "So it's a win-win-win all around."

She added that the solar farm also powers NV Energy customers on the Las Vegas Strip.