Santa Ana winds relax enough for horse rescue

Santa Anna winds prevented an aerial rescue

TEMECULA, Calif. – Weather conditions cooperated for Sunny the horse and his owner to be rescued from a ravine in Southern California on Friday afternoon.

According to FOX11 Los Angeles, Kaity Mialma was riding the 4-year-old horse in Temecula on Wednesday when the Thoroughbred got spooked, flipped the owner off and ran deep into the ravine.

Mialma said she left the area to get help, and when she returned, the horse was in an area surrounded by boulders.

"He’s my world I slept with him for two nights and three days to make sure he was safe. He’s one of kids," Mialma told FOX11.

Numerous agencies, including a veterinarian, responded to the scene and determined the horse only had minor injuries.


Rescuers said the best way to get the horse out of the ravine was by helicopter, but because of gusty winds, the airlift was delayed until Friday.

"During the day it’s ok, at nighttime it’s cold, and we are very much snuggling with each other. He got a horse blanket, so he was nice and warm, but he decided to play with us at night and pull our sleeping bags off and paw at us," Mialma told FOX11 reporter Hailey Winslow.

Rescuers sedated the 1,000-pound animal before a Riverside County Sheriff’s Department helicopter successfully lifted out of the area.

Mialma told FOX11 it was a miracle that Sunny escaped the incident with only non-life-threatening injuries.