National Pizza Day: Forecast for the cheesiest day of the year

February 9 marks National Pizza Day, and no matter how you slice it, people will have their opinion on where to find the best pizza in America.

From San Francisco to Chicago to New York, Wednesday’s weather will be as different as people’s views of pineapple on pizza.

In New York City, it'll be nice enough for a rat to steal a slice. Highs will be in the upper 40s.

Colder temperatures will be in the forecast for both Chicago and Detroit, and hopefully, those deep-dish-like pies will keep eaters warm. 

And in San Francisco, the heat is on. It may be best to eat those slices cold, as temperatures will be well above average.

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What city has the best pizza? FOX Weather weighs in 

We aren’t sure why National Pizza Day takes place within days of the Super Bowl, but here’s what some FOX Weather employees said about their favorites:

"NEW YUOWK - of course - now fold it or no?" – Anne Woolsey, Director of Newsgathering

"Detroit-style deep dish pizza all the way." – Chris Oberholtz, Digital Content Producer

"Brooklyn. No contest." – Tony DiBari, Executive Producer

"Old Forge, PA." – Thomas Gaughan, Vice President of News Operations

"I am nominating "The Cheeseboard Collective" in Berkeley. They make only 2 flavors per day and they are not your average toppings." – Hillary Andrews, Digital Content Producer

"NYC and also gonna have to say Brooklyn has the best pies here." – Deante Parker, Director of Video Operations

"The best pizza in America is in New Haven. In fact, modern pizza was invented in the Elm City and no one can tell me otherwise. Pepe's, Modern, Sally's Apizza are the pizzas upon which this country was built." – Valeria Lacourciere, Senior Producer

"New York. Chicago doesn’t serve pizza; they serve casserole." – Katy Camp, Director of Content and Media

"Is "Papa Murphy's" already taken? I live in Seattle... Send pizza help." – Scott Sistek, Senior Digital Content Producer

"New York all day. And Tony is correct - Brooklyn it is." – Brian Storey, Producer

"Stop. All of you. It's New Haven." – Steven Yablonski, Digital Content Producer

And the last and most important -- "Sweet home, Chicago." – Heather Brinkmann, Senior Digital Content Producer 

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