If Ferrari is successful in reinventing the windshield wiper, don't expect immediate industry changes

Windshield wipers were invented in 1902 and started to be widely found in automobiles in the 1940s.

One of the most important functions on the road is the ability to see, and documents show an Italian carmaker is on a mission to produce a revolutionary change when it comes to keeping your windshield free from obstructions. 

Permit filings with the World Intellectual Property Organization show the automobile maker is proceeding with a windshield wiper system capable of emitting air to keep a car's front and back windows free from rain and other debris.

The windshield wiper has been around for more than a century but has remained true to its original form.

"It really hasn't been completely revamped because it does its job," Lauren Fix, an automotive expert and analyst with The Car Coach & Car Smarts Brands, told FOX Weather.

Permit filings show Ferrari's proposed wiper system having at least one nozzle and capable of emitting compressed air. The jet would push water or any other type of residue from the windshield.

Fix said keeping the windshield clear is important but warned that not all ideas are as successful as first hoped.

"It's not going to be able to remove all the road debris, grease or that bug that your wipers, that stuff you're going to have to take off manually pretty much anyhow," Fix stated.


Experts say if Ferrari's concept turns out to be a success, it could be more than a decade before the advancements make their way into more common automobiles.

Ferrari reports only producing around 10,000 cars a year, and Fix said it's likely other automobile companies would keep their ears open to the reaction to the limited group of owners before trying to recreate similar technologies for their brands.

Ferrari did not provide comment on their future plans or give indications when the technology would be available.

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