He’s back! See Colorado’s infamous ding-dong ditcher in action

Elk are one of the largest mammals in North America.

ESTES PARK, Colo. – An unusual house guest captured on video ding-dong ditching a home in November is back at his old tricks, and again, the entire incident was recorded for the world to see.

Homeowner James Jonell said his faithful dog Toby was first to alert the family of a potential unsuspecting guest on Tuesday when he started barking.

Jonell said his dog never barks at humans, so his first thought was that some sort of wildlife ventured close to the house.

The family checked out the video stream from the front door’s Ring camera and, sure enough, saw an elk was meandering around on the home’s front porch.


Elk are commonly spotted in the Centennial State, and officials with Colorado Parks & Wildlife believe there are somewhere north of 280,000 of the mammals that roam the state.

Jonell said he could easily tell it was the same elk from November because of the unique royal antlers and the six points on each appendage. 

The giant animal didn’t overstay his latest visit and was only around the home for a few minutes.

And while the elk may think he was staying anonymoose, his visits have captured enough viral attention that the Jonell family has given him the nickname of "Bruno" in case their Ring doorbell ever spots him again.