Elk's ding-dong ditch captured on camera

Elk are one of the largest mammals in North America.

ESTES PARK, Colorado – A rural Colorado home was the recipient of an unusual visitor, and his entire stay was caught on camera.

Homeowner James Jonell says he was out of town on November 13, but to his surprise, he received a Ring doorbell notification and in the video stream was a giant elk.

"We’ve had them up here before, but they’ve never rung the doorbell," Jonell said.

The retired clinical psychologist believes the elk’s antlers activated the doorbell notification when he bent over to eat some dead mums in a potted plant.

Jonell said the animal wasn’t there long and was simply looking around for something to eat.


The sight of a roaming animal is not unusual for the family.

Jonell lives with his wife near the Rocky Mountain National Park, which encompasses more than 265,000 acres.

"We’ve had elk, deer, foxes, turkeys and rabbits. You are living in a wildlife zoo in this house," Jonell said.

It’s estimated that some 280,000 elk roam the landscape of The Centennial State, with more than 1 million in existence across North America.

Jonell said he sees the animals year-round, but no sighting has topped doorbell occasion. 

"It’s just wonderful to live here," Jonell said.